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World of sugar & salt

Don’t be afraid to lick it even thou the world as we know might crumble for all you know. Never taste never know, never try never know.

How my typical start of the day changed with the emergence of Covid & Cryptos. Humans are innately adaptable to changes and we will eventually come to endemic terms with the possibility of embracing new way of living and interacting. Its merely a function of time and likewise a new perspective in my investing outlook of old.

Easier path is to strike lottery but with lowest probability while the hardest is to find your grit in life yet most probable at certain point, some earlier, most much later. While i still maintained a portfolio with risk mitigated returns, what was different pre to near-post Covid was the addition of crypto mania. The monotony of mundane passive mutual funds and ETFs investing was peppered with some options trading and crypto staking to deliver higher alphas.

I would probably do my usual year end portfolio review much later as renovation and furnishing of my new place kept me busy. Although this is neither my first nor only home, every new houses are like babies to me and sharing some pretty pictures to end ths short post.

Accept the way to invest have changed drastically.

LOL so what have changed? Collecting more diamonds by logging to my crypto account first thing in the morning and adding or even staking more frequently than my trades. There’s also so much to learn in the virtual coins and NFTs world. #BDFD and #HODL new terms learnt from the crypto community.



As content gets commoditised with technological advancements and fungible resources, readers should comprehend materials for informational purposes ONLY and NOT be taken as tax, legal, business, or investment advice. It also does NOT constitute as an offer or solicitation to consider any investments or securities. Case to point, the content is not directed to any individual and may not be used to evaluate or make any investment.

Do note that this is not financial advice. Please always do you own due diligence all the time and consult relevant professionals or certified financial advisors/planners. (Or a chat with me!)


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