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Layering Assets

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Have the cake ”Lapis” and eat it too!

Proverbial phrase of once the cake is eaten, it is gone. You can’t eat your cake and have it too. Poof…

The adage of the inability to simultaneously obtain the best of both worlds; career and family time, riches and health. Somewhere along the lines of sacrificing one over the other is usually needed.

Bengen’s (1990s) 4% annual withdrawal outlasted over 30 years of constant withdrawal rate was on the premise of then near 5% fixed income yields on a 50-50 Equites/Bond ratio. Short of a protracted employment period, a lowered withdrawal rate with adjusted investment asset ratio would probably be needed. Hence a proactive rather than a reactive calibration of traditional 60/40 assets allocation is needed as a counterweight for retirement adequacy.

Diversification of productive assets that compound over time depicted in my Core/Satellites/Play (CSP) investments section, and layered, thereafter peeled systematically as illustrated.

Generally, investors would have made a conscientious effort in choosing what to invest and hold as assets but have challenges to divest appropriately. As such, this is how I envision to savour mine.

Recalibrating traditional assets allocation



As content gets commoditised with technological advancements and fungible resources, readers should comprehend materials for informational purposes ONLY and NOT be taken as tax, legal, business, or investment advice. It does NOT constitute as an offer or solicitation to consider any investments or securities. Case to point, the content is not directed to any individual and may not be used to evaluate or make any investment.

Do note that this is also not financial advice. Please always do you own due diligence all the time and consult relevant professionals or financial planner/advisor. (Or a chat with me!)


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